MOBIVOX – Free Worldwide Calls from Cell Phone

Mobivox is a global calling service that lets you make unlimited and free Skype calls and free global mobile calls between Mobivox users. Mobivox is the only provider to enable Skype on ANY cell phones. Mobivox offers local access numbers which users can call to reach available Skype contacts as well as their other mobile and landline contacts. The service also offers the ability to do conference calls, and a place to combine your address book.

When you register at Mobivox, you give your phone numbers and Skype login details. You get a local Mobivox number to call and talk with the Mobivox agent VoxGirl. VoxGirl is a voice recognition technology. The agent can tell online status of your Skype contacts and helps to dial it on your phone.


The service works with every mobile phone, requiring no download on the mobile or PC. Mobivox works with any phone in usage today regardless of handset model, mobile carrier or mobile data plan.

Mobivox is now available in 29 countries – Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA.

Please not that, Mobivox is not yet supported in India.

Mobivox offers you 1US$ of credit for every one of your friends that registers to the service and makes at least one call. I have added the referral link in this article, hope you don’t mind.

MOBIVOX brings new, cool and useful voice related applications to the cell phone. As a mobile Application Service Provider, it bridges the gap between mobile phones, VoIP and Voice over Instant Messaging (VoIM) and effectively connects the mobile, PC, or home phone to any network. MOBIVOX brings the best of VoIP to mobile handset users around the world, allowing everyone to enjoy real savings through leveraging efficiencies possible with VoIP technology. Since a mobile experience is more than just a function of a handset, MOBIVOX hosted services will also transform, upgrade and re-invent the experience regardless of handset model. MOBIVOX hosted mobile applications are designed to address important limitations of consumer mobile services thereby enhancing people’s mobile lifestyle.

The MOBIVOX technology can harness many networks simultaneously and dynamically. MOBIVOX is an application platform that breaks down barriers between communications silos. At its core is our patent-pending universal bridge, which can dynamically connect and control any existing and future communication protocols/applications including SIP, PSTN, IAX, Skype and many others. MOBIVOX was designed for seamlessness, speed and versatility. The platform is open and embodies a simple programming language, enabling ultra rapid application development. MOBIVOX’s sound technology ensures the highest possible audio quality regardless of the channel. The result of 8 man-years of R&D, MOBIVOX was developed by pioneers in the fields of computer telephony integration, speech recognition and advanced Internet communications.

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