MobiUs TC1 Ultrasound Scanner for Tablets Launched by Mobisante

US based Mobisante had launched an UltraSound scanning system compatible with tablets, named MobiUs TC1. The device is the tablet version of its portable UltraSound scanning system MobiUs. MobiUs is in market since 2011.

Now the physicians are able to perform the UltraSound scan themselves sitting at their offices itself instead of referring the patient to a medical laboratory. The probe allows them to review the whole process in larger screens with higher screen resolutions.

The system is highly convenient as it can be carried by hand. The system is easily operational. Also it has an intuitive user interface. The images can be shared easily and securely for archival, second opinion, or remote diagnosis, either with the help of a WiFi network or could be directly exported to network storage.

It can store the patient record, which can be used for reimbursement, QA and benchmarking. The main feature of MobiUs is that it can be operated independent of the electrical grid for hours, which makes MobiUs a better choice for disaster relief organizations and mobile medical professionals.

It offer more accurate UltraSound guided procedures, which has increased efficiency and decreased complications, faster onset of anesthesia by directly visualizing the nerve and drug delivery, reduced use of drugs and better outcomes, IV placement (central and peripheral vascular access), Biopsies, incision and drainage of abscesses, localization and removal of foreign bodies and finally the diagnosis of Thoracentesis, paracentesis and Lumbar puncture.

According to Mobisante website, ” Accurate and inexpensive diagnostics at the point-of-care is critical to reducing healthcare costs while also improving outcomes. Building upon the success and innovative features of the MobiUS SP1 smartphone ultrasound system, Mobisante has built a tablet-based imaging system, the MobiUS TC1 system. This FDA-cleared system brings high-resolution ultrasonic imaging within reach of health care professionals everywhere, helping healthcare professionals practice better medicine and reduce costs. The system supports quick look, triage, routine screening, and ultrasound-guided procedures to name a few.”

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