Complain About Mobile Phone Service Providers at TRAI Website (Coming Soon)

Economic Times reported that, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has decided to set up an online customer redressal mechanism, providing a platform for dissatisfied consumers to express their complaints against their service providers.

Any customer can log on to the proposed web-based system to be maintained by TRAI. Customers will be able to register complaints, violations or any other grievance against their mobile operator. Through this real-time system, your mobile operator will immediately get the complaint. TRAI will be able to monitor if customer grievances were being addressed well.

TRAI is also planning to include SMS-based and voice call based complaints, which would increase the reach of the system. The process will begin next month and plans to have the platform working from the beginning of next fiscal year.



It is also reported that, TRAI is planning to junk the Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry, as this has failed its purpose of ensuring that telemarketers do not make unsolicited calls or send SMSs to those enlisted in the DNC. TRAI plans to explore the option of setting up a ‘Do-Call’ registry, where only registered users would be called by telemarketing firms.

Cellular Operators have demanded that they be allowed to charge subscribers for calls that are not related to grievances/complaints in order to reduce the huge cost of running call centers.

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