Mobile Phones Banned from Schools in Kerala

Kerala government has banned the use of mobile phone in education institutions up to higher-secondary level.

The mobile phone ban was taken into consideration after rising complaints of misuse of mobile phone had been made. Many cases came into the limelight, stating that cyber crimes using mobile phones have increased.

Till date, around 14 cases have been registered under provisions of the Information Technology Act. Most of the cases were pertained to threatening women, forwarding obscene pictures and messages as well as clicking photos of women without their permission.

The minister finalized on the ban of mobile phone after a report on a girl student attempting suicide case was reported. It was believed that she was allegedly strip-searched in class to check if she was carrying a cell phone after one of the student complained to the headmistress that the girl was seen speaking on the phone. However, the school management denies the allegation of the girl being stripped.


  1. @kenney: While the government should take appropriate action against the school if they have interfered personal freedom of the girl, it is also true that excessive use of mobile phone at school is chaotic.

    If not banned, there should be a school policy, where the students have to check-in their phones at the beginning of the school day and check them out before the student leave for home. Again, all our schools are not well equipped to have a mobile cloak room, and a staff to manage it!

    Another option is to have mobile jammers in schools, let the teachers also not enjoy mobile phones! 👿

    In professional meeting we switch of the mobile phone. But in schools we can’t expect the students to be so professional, you know.

    At every age, we all have our own primary duty – and here for students, it is to study. After school hours they have enough time for playing with gadgets.

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