Happy Onam 2008!

TECK.IN wishes all of you a Happy & Prosperous Onam

Onam, the national harvest festival of Kerala, is celebrated in honour of Mahabali, the mythical Asura king of ancient Kerala. Keralites believe that on Onam day Bali visits his subjects.

Today is Thiruvonam, the most important day of Onam celebrations and supposed to be the most significant for the people of Kerala.

Happy Onam

The children of my neighbourhood celebrated Onam in their own capacity. They made this street drama about the King Mahabali and Lord Vamana and sang the song “Maveli Nadu Vaneedum Kaalam, Manusharellarum onnu pole” 🙂

Onam Song in Manglish

Maveli Nadu Vaneedum Kaalam,
Manusharellarum onnu pole.
Amodathode Vasikkum Kaalam,
Aapatthengaarkkum Ottillathanum.

Kallavumilla Chathiyumilla,
ELLolamilla Polivachanam
Kallapparayum Cherunazhiyum,
Kallatharangal Mattonnumilla.

In Malayalam

മാവേലി നാടുവാണീടും കാലം,
മാനുഷരെല്ലാരും ഒന്നുപോലെ.
ആമോദത്തോടെ വസിക്കും കാലം,
ആപത്തെങ്ങാര്‍ക്കും ഒട്ടില്ലതാനും.

കള്ളവുമില്ല ചതിയുമില്ല,
എള്ളോളമില്ല പൊളിവചനം.
കള്ളപ്പറയും ചെറുനാഴിയും,
കള്ളത്തരങ്ങള്‍ മറ്റൊന്നുമില്ല.


When Maveli, our King, rules the land,
All the peoples form one casteless race.
And people live joyful and merry;
They are free from all harm.

There is neither theft nor deceit,
And no one is false in speech either.
Measures and weights are right;
No one cheats or wrongs the neighbor.

The Legend

The story goes that during the reign of the demon king Mahabali, Kerala witnessed its golden era. Every body in the state was happy and prosperous and king was highly regarded by his subjects. Apart from all his virtues, Mahabali had one shortcoming. He was egoistic. This weakness in Mahabali’s character was utilized by Gods to bring an end to his reign as they felt challenged by Mahabali’s growing popularity. However, for all the good deed done by Mahabali, God granted him a boon that he could annually visit his people with whom he was so attached.

It is this visit of Mahabali that is celebrated as Onam every year. People make all efforts to celebrate the festival in a grand way and impress upon their dear King that they are happy and wish him well.

More reading : Onam in wikipedia, onamfestival.org

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