Kerala Government Launches Mobile Governance Services

M- Governance or Mobile- Governance of Kerala government is a new age governance system which utilizes wireless and mobile technology for m – enabling government departments and m – powering citizens in the state.

For citizens, the technology allows them to request information from government databases on the move. They can use mobile devices for access to government portals, they can can give ideas, feedback and policy recommendations to authorities through mobile device, and can also do mobile voting, opinion polling and more through mobile.

For government departments, the system allows field officials to have improved communications with their offices and allows officers to provide location-sensitive emergency and time-critical public information to citizens through mobile. The system can also be used to give reminders to citizens through mobile about payment of government fees and possibly fees payment through mobile payment system.

In the first phase of m-governance, Kerala government provides the following services through mobile: e-SMS, a common SMS Gateway for government departments, MMS platform for District Collectors, SMS platform for Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), Sutharya Keralam and Kerala Water Authority (KWA) bill alerts.

Inaugurating the m-Governance services, Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Achuthanandan said “Today, mobile phone has grown to be an important method of communication. It is imperative that the government does not lag behind in providing services through this popular medium. This initiative by the Kerala State IT Mission is most appropriate and timely. We will be able to add more services soon.”

Key highlights of m-governance

  • A short code – 537252 has been setup which acts as the key to M-governance services of Kerala.
  • Multiple Touch points and Delivery Channels – SMS, Voice, Data, USSD and Ring Back Tones
  • 25 services spanning 6 departments currently available

M-governance Service Delivery Platform – Components

The M-Governance Service Delivery Platform established has the following components:

e-SMS: The official SMS gateway for GoK: The e-SMS is an exclusive SMS  Gateway established by the Kerala State IT Mission for use by various  Government departments. It is being used by the department officials for intra and inter-departmental communication.

MMS Gateway: A dedicated MMS gateway which the departments can make use of.

Out Bound Voice Diallers: A dedicated Out Bound Calling facility has been set up for M- Governance. It is also planned to provide the facility for recording of voice prompts, transliteration from English to Malayalam and scheduling of Voice SMS as additional services.

Bluetooth Kiosks: Bluetooth Kiosks would play an important role in information dissemination. Bluetooth Kiosks would be deployed in places like bus-stations, railway stations and airports. Citizens can turn on Bluetooth in their handsets and receive information regarding Government schemes, tourism etc on their phones.

Servers: Dedicated servers would be deployed for voice applications, MMS/SMS services and USSD services at the State Data Center.

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