Meru Cabs Android App for Booking Taxi Online

India’s popular radio taxi service Meru Cabs had launched their mobile app for Android phones to make booking a cab simply and easily. Meru Cabs is a company which at present operates in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Jaipur.

Meru is known for offering quality services to its passengers. These services are enabled through GPS, GPRS based tracking and dispatch, speed alarm, trip tracker facility, e-bill etc. The newly introduced Android app will help customers book a cab within seconds.

The key features of the new app is the convenience of selection of pickup address through various options. The options include Maps based on GPS/GPRS location services, which identifies the existing user location. To make the address more accurate, the address in text box can be edited.

The home/office tabs can be saved one time using this app and if any address from previous five bookings is close by, it can be selected through ‘Nearby’ tab. Frequently used addresses can be added to ‘Favorites’ for quick bookings in future. Users can add new pickup addresses in the ‘Enter New’ section.

Users can select the drop location through Home/Office/Airport/Favorites tags or by simply typing the area name. Also a user can track the cab in real time, once it is assigned. Also user can find the estimated distance and time of arrival via real time tracking.

Users can call the chauffeurs [Cab Drivers] directly from the app. Also users can post the trip start and real time route information on map with estimated time of arrival to destination. Users can rate the service and get an e-receipt for the trip, at the end of the trip.

In this app, a user can check details of previous bookings, fare details in each city and can provide feedback about Meru’s services. Also a user can book both Meru and Meru Plus cabs using the app. Users will get notifications about booking confirmation, cab & chauffeur details, rating the services etc.

[advt]ICE [In Case of Emergency] is a useful feature included in the app, which can be used even when user has not booked a Meru cab or traveling in Meru. The users must save the number of a family member or a friend with the app to use this feature.

Using ICE, a user can trigger an emergency buzzer on family member’s / friend’s phones in case of emergency. The family/friend will also receive and SMS with the location co-ordinates of the user and can view the location of user on Map.

Meru Cabs app for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The app is available fro all Android devices which use Android 2.2 or higher.

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