Mergely – Free Online File Comparison Utility and Merge Editor

Mergely is a free online file comparison utility and merge editor which helps in differentiating files and highlights changes in them. This file comparison utility basically works within your web browser and allows you to perform a compare on text, HTML, Java, Javascript, XML, etc.

Mergely includes a very simple user interface with left side editor and right side editor. Left side editor basically shows the original file and right-side editor shows you the new file. You need to upload files to your browser, and the comparison is done within the browser itself. This file comparison utility is supported by most popular web browsers like Safari 3+, Chrome, Firefox 2+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Opera 9+.


  • Easy to use tool.
  • Differentiation is done on the browser.
  • Highlights the changes quickly.
  • Supported by most popular web browsers.
  • Differences can be shared online.

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