MEGA Free Cloud Storage App for Android Available at Google Play

The MEGA cloud storage service offers 50 GB of storage space for free. The company claims that the storage offered is secure. The data uploaded by the user to MEGA will be made completely encrypted. There are four kinds of accounts that can be set up using MEGA. Apart the free package, one can buy 500 GB, 2 TB or 4 TB packs respectively.

The company boasts that MEGA can perform faster and better than any other alternative. The MEGA team assures the safety of data being uploaded. They have offered drag and drop facility to upload the documents so to reduce the user’s efforts. Now MEGA has announced their entry to Android market place, viz the Google play store.

At present MEGA offers features such as, browsing through one’s MEGA account, faster uploads/downloads using Android and Camerasync to upload the photos and videos in real time, without putting any manual effort. Search function is also enabled. The user can create public links to files that the user uploaded to MEGA.

Using MEGA, the user can download/delete/rename and move files with ease. One can create folders to classify his documents. In the newer version, they have added updated file upload dialog with check boxes enabled. The company has improved the scrolling performance. MEGA offers very fast and simple registration/log in.

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