MediaRover – Share and Synchronise Multiple iTunes Libraries

MediaRover  is a software that automatically collects, stores, and organizes every family members’ songs and playlists in a shared folder on the network.  It has been designed to make it possible to synchronise the iTunes libraries of everyone in the home when a song or album is added to a library, it will automatically be made available to everyone. Similarly, when you edit MP3 tags or re-organize the library, the changes can be seen by everyone in the family.

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The music in the shared library can be played on any computer or device on your home network and you even have the option of streaming music to Sonos devices.  In just a matter of minutes you and your family can benefit from a shared iTunes library to expand your music collection.

Clients installed on other computers on the network gather those music libraries to the same location, organizing a combined library for easy access. Changes made by any member of the family are monitored by MediaRover, instantly reflected in the central share, then distributed out to everyone else in the family, all behind the scenes. One member of the family adds a song in iTunes, and everyone else gets the same song, ready to sync to their iPods and iPhones. Another member of the family fixes some metadata, and everyone else in the family sees the same changes.

[advt] MediaRover accounts allow up to 8 client computers to join the party. Once multiple music libraries have been gathered together into one comprehensive collection, it is readily accessible to any streaming devices on the network. Well known multi-room music systems can point to the MediaRover share and play the entire collection anywhere in the house. Modern video game systems and DVR devices with music streaming capability can access the same library. Any device that can stream from a NAS or network share becomes the perfect jukebox with quick access to every song your family has to offer.

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