MEA Mobile App for Passport, Visa, Kailas Trip, Haj and Other Services

India’s Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] is likely to launch a mobile application for services like Passports, Kailash-Manasasarovar trips, Haj and Visa/Consular services.  The app will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The MEA officials who are involved in the development of the project stated that the app was intended to be a single window system to connect everyone – media, students, scholars, diplomats, travelers and the average citizen; anyone who wants info/assistance from MEA.

MEA is already present in Social media, so the app will be just another step for its socialization.

One of the MEA officials said, “With smartphone connections booming and set to grow to 150 million, the MEA has bet on integrating all its numerous websites into one single smart app”.

Users can ask question to the external minister through the app. The most popular question is likely to receive response.

The app will provide guidelines on how to apply for a passport, the required documentation, payments to be made for the services etc. The app is linked with Google maps so that the applicant can find the nearest passport office.

The Pilgrims who go for the Kailash – Manasasarovar yathra can access all the info about the annual pilgrimage including medical check-ups, confirmation of their dates of departure etc.

The users who use the services of Haj committee can find the details of their flight and place of stay in Saudi Arabia etc, through the app.

Those who travels to India can get help with Visa guidelines and types of Visa services, whereas the Indians going to the Middle East for work will get immediate help regarding the nearest attestation offices for apostile requirements etc are the other facilities that the app offers.

MEA’s successful public diplomacy (PD) activities, PD division’s database of documentaries, India perspectives, public-lecture series etc can be viewed an downloaded. According to the the officials, the app will be integrated with all Indian missions around the world.

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