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HomeBank is a free software to manage your personal accounts. Analyse your personal finance in detail using powerful filtering tools and graphs. Home Bank is designed to easy to use. It  have  more than 16 years of user experience and feedback. It is available for ~50 languages on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, MacOSX, and Nokia N***. If you are looking for an easy way to manage your accounts then «HomeBank» should be the software of choice. Take some time to try it out, you won’t regret it.

Download HomeBank

Features list

Specific features

  • Direct add of payee and categories from the register dialog
  • Autocompletion whenever possible
  • Dual pad of cheque and automated cheque number increment[advt]
  • Easy transfer between accounts, which can be automated
  • Dynamic minor currency display toggle for Euro countries


  • Tag feature for transactions
  • Pre-defined transactions, which can be automated
  • Pre-filling of transactions from a bookmark
  • Dynamic transactions filter everywhere
  • Visual paymode and additional info text field
  • Visual status of transactions
  • Transaction remind (kind of ‘post-it’)
  • Add transactions by inherit from existing ones
  • Multiple transactions edit for each columns at once

Import and Export

  • Transaction import in CSV format (homebank specific format)
  • QIF file format import and export
  • OFX file format import

Analysis features

  • Dynamic, easy and powerful reports with graphical charts (Using Cairo) :
  • Complete filter for every transaction fields
  • Easy period change with some useful presets
  • ‘Statistics’ is the main report and show results computed by: Payee, Categories, Months, Years
  • ‘Budget’ track the decay from what was normally planned
  • ‘Overdrawn’ focuses on the balance and point transactions in the ‘red zone’
  • ‘Car cost’ analyze your car specific costs and consumption of fuel

Common features

  • Multi-accounts
  • Payee assign to transactions
  • Categories and subcategories assign to transactions
  • Simple annual budget

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