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Billeo takes to simply pay a bill or shop online,free tool that makes online transactions quick and easy. Billeo previewed its new ShopSmart iPad app at FinovateSpring. ShopSmart integrates online shopping with a user’s loyalty and reward programs, Facebook friends, daily deals, as well as eWallet management.

In 2003, Billeo introduced the first free browser-based tool that remembers passwords, automatically fills out long repetitive forms, and saves every single transaction receipt. Billeo provides a safe, secure, and easy way to log into web sites and complete registration, checkout, and payment forms with just a few clicks.

And today, Billeo users have more freedom than ever. Same-day payments with instant confirmations. More choices in using credit and debit cards to get more rewards. Automated bill payment reminders. An electronic filing system that stores every receipt, whether you need to find one from last week, or last year.


  • Browser App: The Browser App works with your web browser to provide you with quick and easy access to Billeo features whenever you’re on the web.
  • eWallet:  The Billeo eWallet is used to store all of your payment and contact information. This information is encrypted and stored on your PC. Billeo eWallet can be used at any point with the Fill Form button to fill online forms.
  • Passwords: Billeo saves passwords for any online website and automatically fills them in for you. Your passwords are stored securely on your computer.
  • Fill Form: Click the Fill Form button to automatically fill online forms (payment, registration, shipping) with the personal data stored in your eWallet
  • Save Receipt: Whenever you make a payment, Billeo will ask you if you want to save payment details. Save online receipts or confirmation pages with a single click.
  • Bill Pay:  With Billeo, you pay bills at company websites (e.g. Comcast, Verizon) using Fill Form and Password Assistant. Billeo sends you payment reminders, stores payment receipts and provides transaction reporting.
  • Shopping:  The Billeo Shopping Assistant™ makes online shopping quick and easy with Password Assistant™ and Fill Form – it works on all your favorite sites (e.g. Amazon, Target, Banana Republic). Billeo also saves your receipts and provides transaction reporting.
  • Reports:  Billeo tracks your online transactions whether you’re paying bills or shopping. You can see reports based on your monthly or yearly spending, by category, or by company where payments were made (e.g. Comcast, Amazon, Verizon).
  • Offers: Offer Assistant allows you to shop smarter by locating promotional rewards and discounts whenever you search for goods online.

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