Manage Parameters that Influence Web Pages – Download RelevanceSpirit

RelevanceSpirit manages all the parameters  influence the page rank of web pages. It shows  the terms used in web pages, the number of times terms are repeated and whether they are included in meta tags. It contains a meta tag editor and image “alt” tag editor.

RelevanceSpirit utility that allows a webmaster to easily study and manage all of the relevant terms, keywords and phrases that make up their web pages. This application will run directly from a USB flash drive or portable device.

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RelevanceSpirit limits

The specialist agree to say that the position of a word in a page (in beginning or end) or in a tag, influences the relevance of the page for the word. RelevanceSpirit does not manage this criterion because, if its principle seems logical, nobody knows precisely which influence it can have on the final relevance granted to the pages.

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