Mozes – Engagement Mobile Audience

Mozes is the leader in mobile engagement around passion points like music, sports, entertainment and causes. It enable the customers to engage their audience and acquire new customers using the mobile phone.

Mozes excels at entertainment and live events where the mobile phone can be used to enhance the experience, capture data and ignite conversations, and create scale for these activities by connecting each one of these mobile experiences to social media and the web. It provides a trusted, powered-by service to audiences, which leads to increased participation rates and better results.

[advt]The Mozes service utilizes a variety of communication channels including; text messaging, voice messaging, mobile web, social media and smartphone applications in order to create the most dynamic and enjoyable experiences. It provide a web-based platform for our customers to quickly and easily build interactive programs using the mobile phone and a trusted, consistent experience for audiences to engage with those programs.


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