LaunchRock – Setup Viral Launching Page in Minutes

LaunchRock is a webapp that helps you to setup a viral launching soon page in a minutes. You can collect interest, increasing share and build your audience. Just enter your email id for creating a page.


  • Create a landing page in minutes: Start building your list in minutes with a custom landing page.
  • Promote your launch: Share announcements and news through LaunchRock’s Announcement Bar.
  • [advt]Get to know your users: Get useful information on user signups, site traffic, and demographics.
  • Spread the word socially: LaunchRock users are incentivized to share your project through social media.
  • Email your list: Build a relationship with the customers you acquire through LaunchRock.
  • Get featured: Your project can be featured on LaunchRock’s discovery network: Coming Soon.


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