Magic Image Converter Plugin for GIMP

G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Converter) is focused on the design of complex pipelines for converting, manipulating, filtering and visualizing generic 1D/2D/3D multi-spectral image datasets. G’MIC manages color images, as well as more complex data as image sequences or 3D volumetric data sets.

G’MIC has been made available as an easy-to-use plug-in for GIMP image processing free software. It defines a complete image processing framework.



  • It internally works with lists of images. Image manipulations and interactions can be done either grouped or focused on specific items.
  • It can process a wide variety of image types, including multi-spectral (arbitray number of channels) and 3d volumetric images, as well as image sequences, or 3d vector objects. Images with different pixel types are supported, allowing to process flawlessly images with 8bits or 16bits integers per channel, as well as float-valued datasets.
  • It provides small but efficient viewing modules dedicated to the exploration/visualization of 2d/3d multi-spectral images, 3d vector objects (elevation map, isocurves, isosurfaces, or 1d graph plots.
  • It proposes commands to handle custom interactive windows where user events can be managed easily.
  • It is highly extensible through the use of custom command files which add new functions, understood by the language interpreter.
  • It can be used inside GIMP, allowing end-users to integrate any G’MIC-based pipeline directly in a nice GUI, without coding efforts.
  • It is based on the latest development versions of the CImg Library, a well established C++ template image processing toolkit, developed by the same team of developers.

Download G’MIC Utility

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