Graphics32 Free Graphics Library – Alpha Blending, Anti-Aliasing, Resampling

Graphics32 is a free graphics library designed for fast 32-bit graphics licensed under the Mozilla Public License. It is Optimized for 32-bit pixel formats. It provides fast operations with pixels and graphic primitives. It is much faster in per-pixel. With graphics32 alpha blending, anti aliasing as well as filters for resampling and deforming bitmaps are possible.



  • Fast per-pixel access up to 100 times faster compared to standard TBitmap
  • High-performance Bitmap alpha blending (including per-pixel alpha blending)
  • Pixel, line and polygon antialiasing with sub-pixel accuracy (combined with alpha blending)
  • Arbitrary polygon transformations and custom fillings
  • Bitmap resampling with high quality reconstruction filters
  • A unique state-of-the-art rasterization system
  • Affine transformations of bitmaps: rotations, scaling, etc with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Arbitrary projective transformations of bitmaps
  • Arbitrary remapping transformations of bitmaps (e.g. for Warping, Morphing)
  • Flexible supersampling implementation for maximum sampling quality
  • Multiple customizible easy-to-use overlay layers
  • Locking of bitmaps for safe multithreading
  • A property editor for RGB and alpha channel loading
  • Design-time loading of image formats supported by standard TPicture

Graphic32 Installation

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