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App Lock is a free Android app to lock applications on Android, simple and intuitive UI, tons of features, smallest app size, least battery usage. This Android app lock solved issue of leaving the phone unlocked. Now no one can access  Android phone apps without knowing the password to unlock the apps. Also, this Android app lock allows  to lock apps with a secure password or with a lock pattern. This Android app lock even allows you to lock system applications like Market, incoming calls, lock installing/uninstalling of apps and much more.

Download App Lock

[advt]AppLock allows to password protect specific application, emails and folders on BlackBerry without locking down the entire device! For ex, user can prevent accidental or unauthorized reading of private Emails, SMS and viewing of files, pictures, videos etc while leaving the device available to other usage like Phone or Internet Browsing.


  • User can lock applications on Android with App Lock.
  • The app allows you to put a secure lock on applications installed and also you can put secure lock on inbuilt system applications.
  • User can secure application with a secure password or a lock pattern from within the app.
  • The setting options of the app are highly customizable.
  • Search apps from within the app to lock or unlock any app.
  • User lock or unlock all app together in one go.
  • The app gives you the option to retrieve the password.
  • Share the app via Bluetooth, Email, Dropbox and the like.


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