Locate Your Friends Using BSNL People Finder Service (PFS) through SMS

BSNL LogoBSNL People Finder Service (PFS) is a user-friendly service that lets the customer create a buddy list and see the location of their friends, relatives and co-workers around the corner or around the country; quickly and easily using their mobile phones/ Web / WAP / SMS. This is for mobile users to locate, monitor and communicate with their buddies.

It enables users to add location dimension and content to their personal communication

  • Mobile users create buddy list and groups
  • Locate, monitor and communicate among friends, family and employees
  • Send SMS and MMS messages to buddies in a simple manner.

SMS Short Codes for

  1. PFS Service Registration & Deregistration – 3300
  2. PFS Service Invocation – 3320

For registering and using PFS through SMS the User has to follow the following steps.

1)Step 1. Subscriber needs to send the SMS “addalias vivek” to 3300.

By sending this SMS the subscriber is just creating an Alias/Nickname “vivek” for  himself. And as it is clear from the WEB procedure that before registering to the PFS application the subscriber has to create the alias and the same is  achieved through this SMS

In response to this the system will send the SMS saying that “Alias added successfully”

2)Step 2. Then he has to send SMS “register FriendFinder vivek” to 3300.

By sending this SMS the subscriber is just registering himself to the PFS  application with the alias. The same can be cross checked from the Web Procedure.

In reply to this SMS the subscriber will receive an SMS saying that “you have  successfully registered for FriendFinder and your password is xxxxx”.

Note:  that this is a password that needs to be used with the subscriber portal not PFS portal.

3)Step 3. Now the subscribers need to send an SMS “register vivek” to 3320.

By sending this SMS the subscriber is registering his alias to PFS as the short  code 3320 is a shortcode for PFS.

In response the System will send you reply sms saying “you have successfully registered to PFS with Vivek your Password is xxxxxx.

Note: This is a password that  needs to be used with the PFS portal.

4)Step 4. Now the subscriber can use Keywords (given below) in his SMS to 3320 to use the PFS application.

Title Default
Search user with alias SEARCH [ALIAS]
Search user with details (Age,gender,purpose) DSEARCH [AGE] [GENDER] [PURPOSE]
Search user with less details (Age,gender) DSEARCH [AGE] [GENDER]
Add buddy to user blacklist ADDBL [ALIAS]
Remove buddy from user blacklist REMOVEBL [ALIAS]
Query if the buddy is in user blacklist ISBL [ALIAS]
Search for more results from the last query SEARCHMORE
Set user profile with details (Age,gender,purpose) SETPROFILE [AGE] [GENDER] [PURPOSE]
Set user profile with less details (Age,gender) SETPROFILE [AGE] [GENDER]
Title Default
Accept Invitation OK [ALIAS]
Deny Invitation NOK [ALIAS]
Retrieve map of buddy MAP [ALIAS]
Retrieve map of nearest buddy in group MAP NEAREST [GROUP]
Retrieve address of buddy ADDRESS [GROUP]
Retrieve address of nearest buddy in group ADDRESS NEAREST [GROUP]
Retrieve buddies who track me WHO TRACKS ME
Retrieve PFS status STATUS
Allow location queries within Pfs PFS ALLOW
Disallow location queries within Pfs PFS DISALLOW
Set fixed location for Pfs PFS FIX [LOCATION]
Invite buddy INVITE [ALIAS]
Invite buddy into group INVITE [ALIAS] [GROUP]
Set User Mode To Online (Enable Receiving Messages) PFS ON
Set User Mode To Offline (Disable Receiving Messages) PFS OFF
Get Buddy Profile PROFILE [ALIAS]

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