BSNL Free Location Based SMS Promotions and Advertisement Service

BSNL has location based SMS promotions and advertisement Service, free-of-charge for subscriber to use. This service broadcasts advertisement as SMS messages to subscribers within a defined geographical region.

1. Registration : Send “registeradvertisement” to 3300

2. Activation :

Send “advertisementactivate[time in hour ][category]” to 3322
North Zone subscriber have to send “advtactivate[time in hour ][category]” to 3322

[Time in hour] is optional and is period for which subscriber wants to activate the service. Min value – 2 hours & Max value -12 hours, default value is 2 hours

[category] is optional

3. Deactivation : This will required to deactivate the service before expiry of the time assigned by subscriber at the time of activation. Otherwise the service will deactivate automatically at completion of the time assigned by subscriber.

Send “advertisementdeactivate[category]” to 3322
North Zone subscriber have to send “advtdeactivate[category]” to 3322

[category] is optional

4. Deregistration : Send “deregisteradvertisement” to 3300

5. Help : for help in this service Send “helpadvertisement” to 3322


  1. If already registered for this service then a subscriber can activate the service multiple times before deregistration of this service. So it is not needed to follow register and deregister process for this service every time along with activation and deactivation process.
  2. subscriber should not type it in SMS message instead give a space in message between two words.
  3. [ ] – subscriber should write proper text at the place of text covered with the braces.
  4. only text under quotes “” to be send in SMS [source]

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