Lijit – Site Search Content Discovery Tools for Webmasters

Lijit’s innovative site search and content discovery tools collect and report on reader intent, behavior, demographics, and other actionable insights. The data is used to build custom integrated advertising campaigns that leverage social media and authentic content to encourage interaction, increase brand awareness and deliver intent to purchase.

It  produce website search and online advertising technology that enables your readers to get a unified view of all of your online social content while it bring you online advertising opportunities with premium brands and more relevant ads to your website or blog

Lijit makes websites more engaging, keeping readers on site longer, and uncovering rich and interesting content. At the same time, Lijit provides you, the publisher, valuable intelligence about what readers are interested in and searching for.[advt] Lijit Ads help publishers get more value from the unique audiences they attract with the great content they produce.

Lijit’s technology platform provides valuable information about reader behavior and intent. Use the site search and content discovery tools to build your community, expand your brand, and make more money.

  • Search blogs, sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and other online content.
  • Actionable statistics to better understand, retain, and grow your readership.
  • Make more money through Lijit’s display advertising services

Lijit helps brand marketers reach the right audience in the right context when they are most receptive to the message.


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