BillGuard – Personal Finance Security Service for Debit\Credit Cards

BillGuard is a free personal finance security service designed to protect your debit and credit cards from hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions, scams, and fraud. It alerts you when they contain unwanted charges such as hidden fees, unrecognized charges, unauthorized charges, billing errors, scams and fraud.

[advt]BillGuard uses crowdsourced big-data analytics to harness the collective knowledge of millions of consumers reporting billing complaints online and to their merchants and banks. The way BillGuard works means your credit card will be protected in real time, at all times of day. You will get an alert whenever your bills are flagged by people other than you. So, you will be able to stop the wrongdoing within minutes of it having taken place, and you will be getting your money back where it should be (IE, in your pocket).


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