– Music Service Website That Discover New Music is a music service that lets you discover new music you like, based on the music you already listen to.  The website is filled with tons of information on artists, albums and tracks, more music similar to them, charts and other statistics and more, all built by the users who’re keeping track of what they’re listening to with

You can read about artists you like, check out their most popular tracks, browse their album and find out what other artists are similar to them; learn about upcoming events, explore interesting genres, listen to music and watch videos.

[advt]To get the most out of, sign up for a user profile – you can build up your personal user profile, write journal articles about your favorite music, create your own event calendar and invite friends, talk to other users and get together with them in groups about interesting topics.


The Scrobbler (also called “the client”) is a desktop application which you can use to play radio stations, scrobble your own music you listen to with your media player on your computer, and to edit your profile by tagging your music, loving and banning tracks, adding items to your playlist, and more.

The iPhone app allows you to listen to radio on your iPhone or iPod touch, and also presents you with a selection of other functionality, such as artist biographies, similar artists and events.

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