Plaxo – Smart Online Address Book

Plaxo keeps your contact info updated and your communication devices in sync. The only address book that works for you. Plaxo  is a smart online address book, its  a unique address book system that imports all your contacts across sources, automatically cleans and updates contact information, and syncs your consistent address book everywhere you need it – all securely backed up in the cloud, so if you ever change phones, get a new computer, or lose your data, you can easily restore all of your important contact information.

Brings it all together:

  • Quickly and easily unifies all your contacts across multiple sites, services, and devices.
  • Updates contacts. Automatically.
  • Proactively identifies incorrect or missing contact info and intelligently sources and suggests updates.

In sync and within reach.

Precise, 2-way sync for a consistent address book across all your communication devices

All your contacts together at last.

On average, it maintain four address books across a range of services including email, phone, and social networks. You need a consistent, single-source address book you can trust.

Plaxo Basic unify all your contact info in a single, smart address book that’s secure in the cloud, organized, and available wherever you are. Get Started for free.  Import from multiple sources such as email, phone, and social networks to build a universal address book that contains ALL your contacts.

Plaxo’s de-duper tool identifies and helps you merge duplicate entries, and our smart alerts flag contact info that’s outdated or incorrect. You’ll never lose your valuable contact info again. Your connected address book is securely backed up and always accessible online or mobile.

Additional Features

  • [advt] Auto Updates:Plaxo can auto-update your contacts’ address books as your info changes.
  • Birthday Reminders: Receive alerts prior to your contacts’ birthdays & other special occasions.
  • Web Calendar: Maintain your business & personal schedules on your Plaxo calendar.




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