LabCollector – Gather Information from Multiple Database Locations

LabCollector is a free application that allows you to gather the information from multiple locations in one database. It can be accessed by using a Internet browser in order to manage the data. The application is designed to facilitate the access the access to information for all the computers in the lab. It allows team members to focus on research activities instead of wasting time on data exchange activities.

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Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector LIMS will manage a variety of day-to-day useful lab information. The main concept behind LabCollector LIMS is that each scientist in the lab can manage quickly data and information and make it available to the rest of the lab community. Due to Intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the lab, which accelerates information retrieval. Laboratory staff spends less time on recurrent and time-consuming operations and dedicate more precious time to research activity.

LabCollector LIMS can help you manage your samples storage and keep track of the activity and aliquots. It will help your lab do biobanking quickly and easily. No more paper records or loose excels files.


  • [advt]Management Modules
  • Storage System
  • Barcoding & Mobility
  • Security & Integrity

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