CueMol – Free Tool to Macromolecular Structure Visualization

CueMol is a free computer program for the macromolecular structure visualization. It aims to visualize the crystallographic models of macromolecules with the user-friendly interfaces. Currently supported files are molecular coordinates (PDB format), electron density (CCP4, CNS , and BRIX formats), MSMS surface data, and APBS electrostatic potential map.

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Main functions

Display proteins and nucleic acids
Supported input format is PDB (molecular coordinates).

  • simple stick model
  • main-chain trace (Calpha backbone, phosphate backbone, …)
  • ball-and-stick model
  • CPK model

Functions as a molecular viewer

  • [advt]Residue selection by clicking
  • Residue selection by chain and residue numbers
  • Change or create new display for the selected residues
  • Display symmetric molecules
  • Display unit cell
  • Hardware stereo support
  • Display the distance between atoms
  • Dump/restore the current state to/from the file (workspace)

Display electron-density maps
Supported input formats are CCP4 (type2), X-PLOR/CNS (ascii), and BRIX

  • Mesh and surface display of electron-density maps (you can change the contour level dynamically!!)
  • Display electron density of an arbitrary (cubic) region.
  • Geometric object (solid/dashed lines)
  • Molecular surface object (generated by MSMS program)

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