K-3D – Free 3D Modeling and Animation Software

K-3D is free 3D modeling and animation software that lets you apply your artistic skills to create 3D designs either for your projects or just for fun. It lets you create motion picture quality animation and is designed to suit the needs of a professional artist, as well as someone who is more of a novice. It has full Render man support like -Pixie, Aqsis, BMRT and other formats.

You can choose number of objects like faces, edges, curves, patches, meshes, points and many more to create 3D designs. It has geometry types like Polygon, NURBS, subdivision and blobby. You can also do Boolean modeling operations and create duplicates without adding geometry to the scene.

Download K-3D

Features :

  • K-3D allows you to edit documents in multiple open GL solid, shaded and texture mapped views
  • It allows procedural modeling
  • It has a plug in oriented procedural engine
  • It supports the following image formats -JPEG, PNG, BMP,TIFF,SUN and many more
  • It allows basic 2D compositing
  • It has a python engine for script development
  • It supports alternative script engine plug ins
  • [advt]It has a visualization pipeline which allows arbitrary dataflow
  • There are unlimited number of animation channels and you can animate any value
  • It has bezier curve channels

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