Integrate Your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail Account with Windows – Affixa

Affixa is a utility that can integrate your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail account with Windows. First of all, once you install Affixa, you can set your webmail account as your default email service. That means when you use the “send” buttons in programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Windows Explorer, it can automatically open a browser window, create a blank message in Gmail or Yahoo! Mail and upload the files as attachments.

You can also right click on the Affixa icon in the Windows system tray to open an Affixa “basket” which lets you drag and drop files from your computer that you want to send as email attachments. If you’re uploading pictures, it will let you resize them before sending the email.

Another nifty feature is integrated support. If you’re sending large files or a large number of files you can upload them to and Affixa will add a link to the drop point to your email instead of sending the items as file attachments.

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Full Feature List

Core Features

  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Zimbra
  • Outlook Web Access 2007
  • Outlook Web App 2010
  • Handles mailto links
  • Multiple accounts
  • Supports desktop mail software (via Simple MAPI)


  • [advt]Attachment baskets
  • Automatic detection of problem attachments
  • Use custom names to identify accounts
  • Affixa Drop Service Basic (up to 100MB and maximum duration of a month)



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