Infosys Digital Smart Home Gateway Based on Atom and MeeGo

The Infosys Digital Smart Home Gateway is one single technology which allows the user to link, control and collaborate various smart digital devices in home through a single easy to use interface. The consumer can thus manage all the devices from a Wi-Fi console, smart phone or remotely via web.

Infosys has developed the Smart Digital Home Solution based on Intel’s Atom processor E6xx series and the new Linux based operating system Meego. The system targets Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), utility, healthcare, telecom, entertainment and security service providers.

Applications in the Digital Smart Home Gateway include Home Energy Management System, Automation and Energy Saver, Home RF monitoring dashboard, Home Multimedia, Gaming and Entertainment Center, Home Knowledge Store, Home Security and Surveillance center, Home Communication center, Healthcare center and Home Irrigation.

OEM manufacturers can integrate the system with their energy management devices, thereby allowing manufacturers to rapidly introduce new products to consumers and generating revenues by offering value-added services. Residential utility providers can use this system to monitor energy consumption per appliance thereby providing energy saving alternatives, forecast of energy costs and also helps to subscribe to demand response programs.

The Home Security and Surveillance center offers enhanced services with the integrated video surveillance and motion sensor features integrated into the system.

The Remote Health Monitoring of the Digital Smart Home Gateway helps physicians and medical practitioners interact with in home patient via video conferencing. The system can help physicians access patients health records on a secured channel along with remote diagnosis and patient monitoring. [source]

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