India, U.S, U.N Targets of Biggest Ever Cyber Attack – Report

In the biggest ever series of cyber attacks uncovered to date, hackers were found to have broken into networks of the Indian government, United Nations and US defence companies, with security experts pointing to China as the culprit.

Targets for the intrusions in a five-year campaign covered 72 major organisations around the world, including the governments of India, U.S., South Korea, Vietnam, ASEAN, IOC and the world anti-doping agency, The Washington Post reported, quoting a McAfee report. The networks breached included U.N. secretariat in Geneva, a U.S. Energy Department lab and 12 major U.S. Defence firms engaged in top secret futuristic weapons system.

McAfee vice president Dmitri Alperovitch said

“We were taken aback by the audacity of the perpetrators. What is happening to all this data is still largely an open question. However, if even a fraction of it is used to build better competing products or beat competitors at key negotiations, the loss will represent a massive economic threat”.

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