India to Reserve 2G and 3G Sprectrum Airwave Units for R&D Purpose

The communications ministry of India is examining a proposal to reserve about three units (or MHz) of 2G airwaves and five units (or MHz) of 3G spectrum, which can be used by private and state-run companies to develop and run indigenous telecoms networks, Economic Times reports.

Even if reserving airwaves results in loss of revenue from auctioning the spectrum, it will benefit the country in the long run. This will stimulate the creation of Indian IPR that will reduce dependence on foreign companies, and also reduce import bill on telecoms products. This will help India meet national security interests by being self sufficient.

The telecom ministry is expected to begin consultations on theNational Frequency Allocation Plan 2011 (NFAP) to vacate airwaves that are currently being used by PSUs, armed forces, broadcasters, intelligence agencies, police departments, private companies amongst others.

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