Improved Contacts User Interface Contapps App for Android

Contapps is fun and free. It intend to add lots of cool stuff to boost your contacts experience, so stay tuned for the upcoming updates. Contapps are developing applications and widgets designed to enrich and enhance your android contacts experience by boosting the ‘native’ interface with a new and improved platform.

It created a unique contacts interface that easily enables you to interact with your contacts info in a new and intuitive way.

It offers improved UI and special “apps” – “tailored” apps that are installed in your contact profile. Contapps does not alter your contacts. It will not copy, store, interfere or change any of your private info, all the contact information stays with your device and your services.

Install Contapp

Its current version works on most of the Android devices (software ver. 2.0 and above) and includes the following features:

  • [advt]Fresh contacts user interface
  • Contacts grid view with “pinch” capabilities for changing your contacts pics size and embedded gesture search
  • View your Facebook friends wall, info and photos, and actively interact with them by adding “likes” & comments
  • Sync your Facebook friends pics & birthdays with your contacts
  • See your Twitter friends’ tweets, reply, retweet and share them
  • See your Foursquare friends latest check-in, badges & more
  • Birthdays reminder
  • Google your contacts in one click
  • View your contacts’ addresses inside their profile via Google maps
  • Quick access buttons to call, sms, e-mail or chat
  • Homescreen widget for making a quick call to your favorite contacts


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