IMCapture for Microsoft Messenger – Record Messenger’s Video and Audio

IMCapture for Microsoft Messenger is recording software worked out to capture and save your video and audio session made by Messenger. The application makes possible making high quality records that can be used for your professional and personal purposes. With IMCapture you will get high-grade result files that meet even the highest demands.  It gives you an ability to record your calls manually or automatically as well, so you won’t miss any important detail of conversation.

Installing IMCapture for Microsoft Messenger you get the chance to record important calls and watch them again and again whenever you wish to do this. Using this program you will be convinced that creating of the record of video or audio Microsoft Messenger conversation is easier that you think!

High quality of image and sound allows you to use records made with the help of IMCapture for Messenger for remote interviews, business conferences or important talks with your family and relatives who are fare away from you. Result files can be shared with colleagues and friends or even published on Internet. Calls recorded by IMCapture can be converted into popular video formats such as MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF, FLV and MP3, WMA or AAC audio formats.

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Common Features:

  • [advt]Record video and audio calls: IMCapture for Microsoft Messenger is a program that allows you to record your Messenger calls without any difficulties. You may watch and listen to the recorded files again and again refreshing precious moments in memory. The simplicity of usage makes IMCapture a perfect tool for creating records of your business conversations as well as family calls. 
  • Excellent quality and flawless conversion: IMCapture gives you a chance to get high quality recordings of your video and audio Messenger sessions. Built-in converter allows you to modify result files into popular formats and adjust the parameters of video and audio. So the recordings combine first class image and sound quality with an appropriate file size.
  • Breaking the timeframes: IMCapture for MSN opens unique opportunities for users. This program allows you to turn back time and enjoy the recordings of your past conversations with relatives and friends. Play the files made with the help of IMCapture whenever it is convenient to you.
  • Record MSN calls automatically: With IMCapture you may start recording your MSN calls immediately with the beginning of the call and stop the process with its ending. Thus you won’t miss any part of your conversation. The option of automatic record is selected by default, and if you don’t need to record the whole Messenger session you should just uncheck it in Preferences.
  • Support MP3, WMA and AAC file formats: The built-in converter enables encoding your recorded Messenger audio calls into popular formats, such as MP3, WMA and AAC. You may choose an appropriate one to get an audio file of needed size and sound quality. Due to supporting these formats, result files can be played back on different audio players and devices.
  • Adjusting the settings of result file: Using IMCapture for Microsoft Messenger you get the ability to create high-grade audio and video recordings of your calls. Furthermore, you can regulate image and sound quality manually to make the recordings with requested parameters.


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