iFreeBudget – Free Budgeting Software

iFreeBudget is a free budgeting software that that lets you plan and manage your budget. It supports double entry accounting, and this makes it is suitable for personal and small business entities to keep track of their budgets. It encrypts the data by using a password based encryption method. iFreeBudget requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or higher versions in order to run properly on the computer.

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  • iFreeBudget is easy to use for personal and small business
  • iFreeBudget software utilizes double entry accounting
  • It run on any operating system that is installed with the Java Runtime Environment
  • You can setup online banking by specifying the organization name, Financial institution identifier, provider URL, account type, username, password
  • Open financial exchange files and MS-Money files can be imported into the program
  • The data can be encrypted with a password
  • There are four types of date format including Fri, Feb 5, ’10, 2010/02/05, 02/05/2010, and 05/02/2010
  • Users can view the assets and liabilities graphs
  • Users can view the graphs of the network for the last 10 days, 10 weeks and 10 months
  • Written in Java programming language
  • iFreeBudget supports multiple languages
  • Account alerts can be setup to provide low account balance threshold notice
  • You can add to favorite the transactions that often occurs
  • You can create new transaction in the favorite list by specifying the date and amount
  • You can backup and restore profile data

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