IDrive – Online Backup Solution for PCs, Smart Phones and Smart iPhones

IDrive Online Backup is a solution for online backup for PCs, Macs and Smart Phones including iPhones, Blackberries and Android based Phones. It is an automated online backup application. Hence, critical folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music are pre-selected for backup with the scheduled time set to ‘off-peak hours’.

Default Backup set once, the scheduled backup time is reached. To change the day, time, and frequency for the scheduled backup job, clicks the ‘Edit schedule parameters’ button. It help you schedule the backup. IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of file(s)/folder(s) and backs them up in real-time, thus offering hands-free backup of data.

[advt]IDrive Explorer offers a ‘virtual drive’ view of your account to access and restore backed up data. You can drag-n-drop files for restore from your online drive to the local system.

IDrive retains and allows you to restore the last 30 versions of all files backed up to your account, to any location on your local computer. Better yet, your storage is computed only for the most current version; historical versions are stored free.  It provide 5GB of free backup, premium account is paid.


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