ICICI Bank Money2India.com Mobile Website Launched

icici_logo.gifICICI Bank now makes its online money transfer tracking service Money2India.com much more convenient to access anytime, anywhere through mobile phones with GPRS connection.

With this user-friendly accessibility through GPRS enabled mobile phones, NonResident Indians (NRIs) can now easily track exchange rates, as well as track their money transfer request status and place new requests for tracking from their mobile phones. Further, the website also features the “Fixed Rupee” facility that offers confirmed rates at the request initiation stage and enables NRIs to meet their fixed rupee payout needs in India.

Money2India (www.money2india.com) is a popular online money transfer tracking service offered to NRIs by ICICI Bank. With an ever-expanding base since its launch in 2001, it is a preferred online service for tracking money transfers to India with round the clock customer service availability. To use this service, a user needs to complete a simple one-time online registration at Money2India.com and can avail the online tracking service for money transfers from any bank in 15 countries to any account with over 100 banks in India.

An ICICI Bank spokesperson said,

“We at ICICI Bank have always offered customercentric and innovative solutions to NRIs. With the Money2India.com website made more mobile phone user-friendly, the registered users of Money2India.com from across 8 key countries – US, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France & Hong Kong can use their mobile phones with GPRS connection to conveniently access the popular online modes of e-Transfer and NetExpress available on Money2India.com for their money transfer tracking needs.”


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