iAmplify – Web-Based Content Publisher

amplifyiAmplify is a Web-based content publisher and syndication network, providing simple web-based tools for any professional in any field – from local expert to leading specialist, from individual to media company – to publish and distribute paid audio and video content over the internet.

Publish and Profit: For content owners, iAmplify has a web-based content publishing platform called the MediaFactory. The platform is a user-friendly content management system allowing for complex business rules like creating subscriptions and bundling multiple products from individual pieces of audio and video, an ideal solution for experts looking to sell existing and new downloadable content online.

Distribute Exciting Digital Products:[advt] For Websites, iAmplify offers an eCommerce Flash store called the InSite Store Widget, which can serve their customers targeted downloadable products. Any site owner can earn a substantial commission by choosing content from the iAmplify library and selling it directly to consumers from their site or blog via iAmplify’s e-commerce enabled widget.

Shop a World of Content: For consumers, iAmplify provides new ways to access content directly from experts, celebrities, life coaches and authors to enrich their lives. Downloads are pushed to consumers’ private online libraries via a personalized, encrypted RSS feed. Files play from the online library, a desktop or any handheld media player


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