DivShare – Online Uploading, Hosting and Sharing Files

divshareDivShare is providing the user with an online resource for uploading, hosting and sharing files. The User must provide all equipment necessary for their own Internet connection, including computer and modem and provide for User’s access to the Internet, and pay any fees relate with such connection.

divShare is a leader in media filesharing where you can store, share and publish. divShare’s cloud-based service is based on the Kadoo Backstage APIs allowing users to privately share or publicly publish all their media files and documents on the Internet, mobile devices and social media sites.

DivShare’s customizable video players, audio players, and document viewers are for the use of the Users. divShare recently added the ability to stream HD video over the internet to set-top boxes, web-enabled TVs, and a host of other devices including smart phones and tablets.

Divshare media delivery system ensures fastest, most reliable, cost effective solution for your rich media hosting needs. It is not free.


  • [advt]Awesome network performance worldwide
  • Low bandwidth costs
  • Instant, on-demand capacity
  • Detailed file reporting
  • High-availability network architecture
  • No changes to your existing hosting
  • Be up and running in minutes


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