HTWin – Free Application for Control System Programmers

HTWin is a free application that designed especially for control system programmers. Serial, TCP, UDP. Build remotes, each with 50 buttons, each button with push/hold/release/toggle events. In-line hex, SSL/TLS. Great for AMX, Crestron or Extron developers. Portable, runs from a thumb drive.

Download HTWin 


  • HTWin is SMALL and FAST.
  • IPv4/IPv6 compatible.
  • Handles Serial, HTTP/TCP Client/Server, UDP Client/Server, SSH.
  • SSL/TLS protocols on TCP Client Connections.
  • Build custom remotes, each with up to 50 Macros with push/repeat/release/toggle events.
  • Passthrough mode allows remotes to run un-altered through AMX(tm) controllers.
  • Send in-line hex.
  • On the fly hex conversion for incoming data.
  • [advt]System and built-in network utilities.
  • Save/Recall communications sessions.
  • Multiple line terminators.
  • Logging.
  • Polling (repeatedly send one or more commands to the far side).
  • No run-times, Dot-Net or Java required!
  • Can run straight from a thumb drive.
  • No installation. Just put it where you want it and run.


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