How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger for Windows ?

Facebook Messenger LogoFacebook released the trial version of Facebook messenger for windows which is a new, trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on Facebook Messenger for Windows works only on computers running on Windows 7 Operating System.

Using Facebook Messenger for Windows, while you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can:

  • Chat and message with your friends on Facebook
  • See the latest updates from your friends in ticker
  • Get quick notifications about what’s going on

Before uninstalling: If you have the app open, first exit the app by right-clicking the  icon in your Windows taskbar (by the clock) and choosing Exit.

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program
  2. Select Facebook Messenger from the list
  3. Confirm that you are sure and if prompted, choose to automatically close the app

If the app is still running after you uninstall it, just click Exit. The app won’t be installed anymore. [source]

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