How to Send Free SMS Using Indyarocks?

Indyarocks is a free SMS providing site in India which provides 140 characters long message facility to all registered users in India. You can send SMS to you friends on Indyarocks, send a group SMS to your friends and also send SMS to any India mobile number.

You need to register and verify your mobile number in order to send free SMS to non members. Your mobile number will be sent along with your SMS when sending SMS to non members.

  • Register your mobile if you wish to send sms to non-member mobiles as well. Othewise you will only be able to send sms to your friends who have registered their mobile on Indyarocks (Note: Only Indian mobile numbers can be registered on Indyarocks).
  • [advt]Please click on “Send free SMS” under Main Menu Mobile.
  • Select the member or non-member option to send FREE sms.
  • To allow your friends on Indyarocks to send you FREE sms please check the Graffitti setting under Mobile notifications on the Mobile page.[source]

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