Free SMS API – Free SMS Platform for Corporate and Entrepreneurs

Free SMS API is a comprehensive free SMS platform offering single window ad-free SMS and API solutions to corporate and entrepreneurs. It helps you enhance the functionality of your web applications by offering integrated sms solutions which lets you send mobile messages to your users and clients.

Free SMS API provider will provide you with a unique API code which you will be using in your API program to make your application work. For more info on how to make your API program you can see the respective website they have a “Documentation” section in their website where you can find tutorials and help on making your own API program.


  • [advt]140 Chars: You can use 140 characters with its trademark attached at the bottom of the sms for identification purpose.
  • Free SMS Widget: Free SMS Widget which is very easy to configure and implement in your existing website.
  • Free API: Free SMS API is available in different programming languages like PHP, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, C, VB.NET and C# to integrate with your website or product.
  • Free Delivery Reports: Review your usage logs and reports.
  • CSV File Upload: Send SMS by uploading your contacts using CSV or XLS file.

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