How to Get Facebook One-Time Password ?

A one-time password is an opt-in security feature that can help protect your account security when you log into Facebook from a public computer. To receive a one-time password, send a text message to 32665 with the message “otp“. We will reply with a unique, 8-character temporary password. Your one-time password will be valid for 20 minutes and can’t be reused.

Facebook recommend using a one-time password anytime you use a shared computer to access your Facebook account, such as in a library or Internet café, as shared computers are sometimes compromised with harmful software. You can request a one-time password anytime you feel uncomfortable entering your password information on Facebook.

How to Get One-Time Passwords in Facebook?

If you have a mobile number registered to your account:

  • To get your one-time password, simply send a text message with the letters “otp” to 32665. We will then send you an 8-character code that can be used one time to grant you access to your account. Enter this code into the password field of the login page, along with your login email address. Note that the code will expire 20 minutes after it is sent.

If you do not have a confirmed mobile number on your account:

  • Use your mobile phone to send a text message with the letters “otp” to 32665. When Facebook receives this text message, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your mobile number. Once you have done this, you will receive the temporary 8-character code that will serve as a one-time password for your account. [source]

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