How to Create Events in Facebook and Invite People to it?

To create an event:

  1. Go to the Events tab on the left side of your home page
  2. Click Create Event in eople to the upper-right corner of the page

From here, you can customize the event, edit its privacy settings and invite guests. Please note that you must include an event name and time.

Invite People to Event

To invite people to your event, click Invite Friends in the upper-right corner of your event. From here, you will be able to sort your friends by friend lists and groups. Check the box next to your friends’ names and click Submit to send them an invitation to your event. You can also invite people who are not on Facebook.Event admins can invite more people or edit the guest list at any time. You can invite any of your Facebook friends in addition to any friends that are not on Facebook by entering their email addresses after clicking the Invite Friends button on the event page.

Invite Members of a Group to an Event

If you’re a group admin, go to your group and open the  menu in the upper right corner. Select Create Event from the dropdown. This will lead you to the event creation page and will also set your group as the host of the event. Before you create the event, make sure the “Invite Members of the host group” box is checked. Please note that this option is not available for groups that have over 5,000 members.


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