How to Edit the HTML of Blogger’s Layout?

Blogger LogoYou can edit the HTML of the blogger’s layout, by just going to Design | Edit HTML. If you’re using Blogger upgraded user interface, click on the drop-down menu next to the gray Post List icon to get to Layout. Near the top of the page, you’ll see the option to Edit HTML.

We highly recommend that the first thing you do in the Edit HTML page is download a copy of your template to a text file on your hard drive. This way, if you make a mistake editing your template, you can revert to the original version by simply uploading that downloaded copy.

If you take a look at your code, you’ll notice that it looks somewhat like regular HTML and CSS, but also includes lots of custom tags that make it compatible with Blogger drag-and-drop layout editor and font and color picker. If you want to make extensive changes to your code, you might want to read up on Page Element Tags and Fonts and Colors Tags.

You’ll also see an option to “Expand Widget Templates.” By default, each page element is shown in the code as a one-line placeholder, whose options can be set in the graphical interface on the Page Elements tab. Turning this option on will show the complete data and template for each element. The code is simpler the first way, but you have more control the second way, so use whichever option you prefer. You can also learn more about Widget Template Tags.

There are also links at the bottom referring to your old templates. Those are the last templates you used in Blogger old systems. If your blog was created on the new system and has always used Design, then your old templates are a default, classic version of the original design you chose when you created the blog, without any customizations. The View link will show you the code, in case you just want to check up on something, or copy a piece of it for your new design. The Revert link will erase all the customizations you made in the Design feature and set your blog to use the old-style Blogger template again. [source]

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