How To Create A Cover Letter in Naukri Profile ?

naukri-logoThe Cover letter for a resume is often regarded as a mere formality and is not given the importance it deserves. Most job-seekers would prefer to skip it and just send their resume alone to prospective employers. Others would invariably send an announcement cover letter stating the obvious i.e ” Please find enclosed my resume…”. Such cover letters would definitely be a waste.

Once you have logged in to your account, you are taken to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To create a cover letter, click on the link ‘Create Cover Letter’ given towards the right of the page. Once you have created a cover letter that suits your profile, click on ‘Save Cover Letter’ to make it a part of your particular profile. You can create and save up to 5 cover letters. A cover letter sent with a job application enables you to exhibit to a recruiter, information beyond what your CV provides. [source]

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