How to Add Location to Facebook Post?

There are two ways to share where you are when you post.

  1. Tell people you’re at a specific place: To include a specific place when you post, like a restaurant or event, click the icon and type in the name of the place or event. To say you’re there with others, click the  icon and type in their names. As always, you can control who sees this post by choosing an audience before you publish it. If you tag anyone with you, that person and their friends may see the post, including where you are.
  2. Include your general location Instead of a specific place, you can choose to include the city or area you’re nearby. This info will appear next to the timestamp of your post. If you have location added to your posts, we’ll suggest a general location like the city you’re near.

To change the location:

1. Hover over the city name.

2. Click the “x” next to the city name.

3. Type in a new city (or leave blank if you don’t want to mention a city in this post).

If you add your general location to your post, it’ll stay on for future posts until you shut it off. So, the next time you post, your general location will be added to that post. Once removed, it’ll stay off until you add it back to your post. [source]

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