720p HD Videos on Google Plus Hangouts

Google announced the inclusion of 720p HD videos on Google Plus Hangouts. Google started rolling out HD to Hangouts on Air initially and the rest will get access over a few weeks time.

HD Hangouts require an HD capable webcam, better bandwidth and a smarter processor. The users can continue in old fashioned Hangouts if they don’t have these three requirements.

[advt]Google had switched from using the H.264 video codec to GigaOm’s open codec VP8 in preparation for the move. The company now offers both HD version and low bandwidth version which require only 150 Kbps bandwidth for the Hangouts.

Google also plans to use the WebRTC standard for plugin free video conferencing in the future.


Its a free, open project which aims to enable rich, high quality, Real Time Communications (RTC) applications to be developed in the browser via simple JavaScript APIs. it is a project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera.

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