Change Default Folder Icons with Folderico – Download Free Software

Folderico allows you to change the default icon of any folder. It performs this feat by creating a desktop.ini file in the chosen folder that points to the desired icon so that Windows Explorer will render the folder icon differently. Folderico does not need to be running for the new folder icon to be displayed, and the changes are sticky even when the hard disk or memory stick is plugged into another machine

[advt]Among the first of things when Windows 7 launched, users needed a stable program which can quickly change the folder icons and restore them back to the original state in one click. Folderico is a brilliant one-stop solution for all the folder icon changing needs.

Folderico adds item in contex menu of Windows Explorer and core services. It  uses special format SFT as themes. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed

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